Have you invested in Excel applications that don’t seem to work for you?

Introducing Automated One-Click Excel Solutions That Increase Productivity

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As a small to medium size business owner, your time is precious.
I’ here to save you time – and hundreds of dollars – when you find that you’re:

Overwhelmed with data, trying to figure out how to best analyze and determine trends in your business.

Not getting the types of reports you need in order to make wise decisions that impact your business.

Confused because you can’t figure out how to track your inventory in a way that makes sense without swallowing up hours or days of your time.

Discover the cost-effective solution that not only delivers a fast return on your investment, but boosts the productivity of your day-to-day activities – increasing your ROI.

Simplify Complex Tasks . . . Automate Repetitive Tasks

My business, Excel Automation, delivers robust and easy-to-use Excel solutions tailored to your specific needs.

What may seem complex and mind-boggling to you, is second nature to me.
Imagine having a skilled Excel partner who:

Designs, develops and rigorously tests the Excel application making it suitable for the scope and requirements of your specific project.

Converts Excel spreadsheets into charts and PowerPoint slides that allow you to generate detailed easy-to-read reports. Drill down and find answers quickly with a click of your mouse.

Develops easy-to-understand dashboards – a neat, no clutter design that is easy to analyze so you make informed business decisions based on the data.

Creates spreadsheet tools that make your day-to-day activities easier.

Get a Free Prototype Designed for Your Spreadsheet Application Even Before Committing to Full Development

Have you ever invested in an Excel application only to find it didn’t really meet your needs or was too complex to execute? I fix it for you, make it usable and customized to your needs.

First, I create a prototype for you for FREE. You take a test drive and see what I’ve created for you before you commit to its full development.

My objective is to deliver an application that:

Frees you up from the worries of crashing spreadsheets.

Allows for hassle-free sharing of workbooks.

Improves speed and increases efficiency.

Eliminates disruption of workflow.

Saves you time and hundreds of dollars in headaches.

Makes your life easier.

For a free quote on your next project, contact me today at +44 7405135111 or email at  Let’s schedule a call to discuss your Excel challenges and how I can best resolve them for you.

It can’t get easier than this:

Assess spreadsheet problem

Create prototype of solution

Test drive

Approve prototype

Pay deposit

Execute full development