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Application and Framework Development

Having extensive experience in deploying some of the most successful Pega frameworks like Pega Smart Investigate, Pega Customer Process Manager (CPM), Pega Smart Dispute and Pega KYC and also standalone Pega PRPC based solutions we can help our clients to design, develop and deploy Pega.

Architecture Review

A solid Architecture design doesn't bound itself to technical capabilities and motives but is based upon the real Business requirements and is flexible to accommodate future changes in Business environment. Build it to work and then optimise as we cannot solve all problems with one solution.

Enterprise Services
Enterprise Services

Enterprise Data Modeling and Data Warehouse

We understand there is an ever increasing demand for data availability and accuracy. Data needs to be treated as more than a piece of information as it gives you insight not only about your customers but also helps you understand your operational efficiency. Either you have a need to support a ad hoc report or to develop a strategic data warehouse solution we can help you extract information out of a Pega implementation which is usually held in a proprietary format and present it in a understandable, cross platform and transformable.

Marketing Managed Services

Once your strategy is in place, we work closely with you to provide the intelligence and analytics required to drive your program forward.

Enterprise Services